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Spatial transformations chapter in new edition of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB 16

In January 2006, the first month of this blog, I wrote the following: "Section 5.11 of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB covers spatial transformations. I'm interested in expanding this... read more >>

Viewing output-space coordinates for a transformed image 14

Blog reader Ram asked a question last week that I hear fairly often: When you apply a spatial transformation to an image, how can you see the x-y coordinates when you display the image? ... read more >>

Use makehgtform for 3-D rotation 8

Developer Mike G. read my recent post about three-dimensional image rotation and suggested that users might want to use the MATLAB function makehgtform to construct the affine transform matrix. It... read more >>

Responses to reader challenge 3

Thanks to Kimo Johnson and Perttu Ranta-aho for responding to my custom spatial transformation challenge. Contents Kimo's submission ... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Three-dimensional rotation 72

Blog reader Stephen N., who's been following my posts about spatial transformations, asked me last week how to rotate a three-dimensional image. ... read more >>

Reader challenge: Custom spatial transformations 10

Were you intrigued by the custom spatial transformations I showed last week? Here's a challenge for you: Create a sample image transformation that is in some way creative, interesting, or just... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Defining and applying custom transforms 20

Blog reader David A. asked me a while back about how to transform an image based on some mathematical function. For example, the online paper "Visualizing complex analytic functions... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Controlling the input and output grids with imtransform 45

The function imtransform has several optional parameters that allow you to fine-tune its behavior. Today's topic is about the parameters that let you control where the input... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Handling noninvertible cases 6

I've written previously about how imtransform uses inverse mapping to compute the input-space location corresponding to each output pixel. I've also written about how imtransform uses the... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Translation confusion 46

The last time I wrote about spatial transformations, I explained that imtransform uses the function findbounds to locate the transformed image in output space. By default, imtransform computes... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 21