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Use makehgtform for 3-D rotation 8

Posted by Steve Eddins,

Developer Mike G. read my recent post about three-dimensional image rotation and suggested that users might want to use the MATLAB function makehgtform to construct the affine transform matrix. It has some convenient syntaxes. ... read more >>

Reader challenge: Custom spatial transformations 10

Posted by Steve Eddins,

Were you intrigued by the custom spatial transformations I showed last week? Here's a challenge for you: Create a sample image transformation that is in some way creative, interesting, or just plain fun to look at. Use maketform('custom',...) and imtransform. Send an M-file script that demonstrates the idea to read more >>

Spatial transformations: Translation confusion 46

Posted by Steve Eddins,

The last time I wrote about spatial transformations, I explained that imtransform uses the function findbounds to locate the transformed image in output space. By default, imtransform computes an output image grid that is just big enough to capture the output image, wherever it is located. ... read more >>