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Blog Post Number 300, Vibrating Logo 2

This is post number 300 of Cleve's Corner blog. The first post was on June 6, 2012, which is 600 weeks ago. So, I have averaged one post every two weeks for over a decade. The posts were more frequent in the early days and are less frequent today.... read more >>

A New View of Our Logo 4

On a recent visit to Ann Arbor, I met ten-year old Eden Rajapakse. Here is her sketch of the L-shaped membrane. Download Live... read more >>

VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan 1

VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan dore_frame This is a short post to point to a web site in the Netherlands, VAXBARN. The site proprietor, Camiel Vanderhoeven, is assembling a... read more >>

A Logo Zoetrope

A Logo ZoetropeA quick post to point my readers to Ned Gulley's post in MATLAB Community, A Galloping Logo Zoetrope. Don't know what a Zoetrope is? Ned explains.Get the MATLAB code (requires... read more >>

Introducing Cleve’s Laboratory

I am launching a project that I call Cleve's Laboratory. My most recent Cleve's Corner column in MathWorks News & Notes is about the project. The MATLAB app itself is available for download from the MATLAB Central File Exchange.... read more >>

MathWorks Logo, Part Five, Evolution of the Logo 5

Our plots of the first eigenfunction of the L-shaped membrane have changed several times over the last fifty years.... read more >>

MathWorks Logo, Part Four, Method of Particular Solutions Generates the Logo

The Method of Particular Solutions computes a highly accurate approximation to the eigenvalue we have been seeking, and guaranteed bounds on the accuracy. It also provides flexibility involving the boundary conditions that leads to the MathWorks logo. ... read more >>

MathWorks Logo, Part Three, PDE Toolbox 2

The Partial Differential Equation Toolbox contains tools for the analysis of PDEs in two space dimensions and time. It is perhaps not surprising that one of the primary examples involves the L-shaped membrane.... read more >>

MathWorks Logo, Part Two. Finite Differences 2

After reviewing the state of affairs fifty years ago, I use classic finite difference methods, followed by extrapolation, to find the first eigenvalue of the region underlying the MathWorks logo.... read more >>

MathWorks Logo, Part One. Why Is It L Shaped?

MathWorks is the only company in the world whose logo satisfies a partial differential equation. Why is the region for this equation shaped like a capital letter L? ... read more >>