Holiday Greetings 2020

I want to share some colorful images featuring the seven colors in the MATLAB axes color order.


Color order


Name that color

The Sherman-Williams Visualizer provides names for these colors.

  Blue Chip
  Obstinate Orange
  Gusto Gold
  Fabulous Grape
  Overt Green
  Real Red

Line plots

MATLAB cycles through the colors for line plots and other graphics objects.

  set(gcf,'pos',[200 200 480 360])
  x = 7*(0:.01:1);
  y = (-1:1/3:1)';

Franklin's magic

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Among his many achievements is the creation of two semimagic squares. They are only semimagic because the diagonals don't have the magic sum. For the matrices, see franklin.

Describing his work in 1771, Franklin wrote, "I was at length tired with sitting there to hear debates, in which, as clerk, I could take no part, and which were often so unentertaining that I was induc'd to amuse myself with making magic squares or circles".

Ignoring their numeric properties, Ned Gulley viewed the Franklin squares with the area function and our seven colors.

  axis tight square off
  axis tight square off

'Tis the season

Here is a revision of last year's greeting, replacing the primary colors.

Code available at candles_2020.

Published with MATLAB® R2020a

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