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How well do you know your MATLAB desktop tools?

We’ve all been to events were there are lots of people we don’t know. Sometimes the event organizers provide name tags to help people like me who just can’t seem to retain new names in such a setting. When you gather with a small group of family members or friends name tags are generally unnecessary.

Hopefully after you have been using MATLAB for a while, the various tools that appear in the MATLAB desktop (the Command History, the Current Directory Browser, the Workspace Browser, etc.) will feel like old friends. Why then, should they continue to wear name tags, i.e. title bars? If you’ve gotten so that you recognize the various desktop tools on sight (or by their positions) you can dispense with their title bars, thereby making more space available for meaningful content. To do so, simply toggle the “Titles” item that appears at the bottom of the “Desktop” menu. You are left with narrow vestiges of the title bars as shown below.

You can still use these title bar vestiges to select tools and drag them around. They also offer equivalents of the various title bar buttons on a context (right-click) menu. They even offer the tool’s name on a tool tip (no need to be embarrassed about temporarily forgetting your long-time acquaintance’s name). Admittedly this is a very minor feature but MATLAB and the MATLAB desktop are all about enhancing your productivity, so if this helps even a little…

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