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Celebrating Our Community Milestones

I was just looking at a few things at MATLAB Central. It struck me that some really interesting things are going on that I wanted to share.

MATLAB Answers

Most of you probably remember that MATLAB Answers was launched in January. Since launch, we have had over 17,500 questions asked, over 13,000 answers made, and over 38,000 community members participated by asking questions, offering answers or comments to questions! It’s been really amazing watching all the activity that has been going on since the begining of this year. It is the contributions by each of our community members that makes MATLAB Answers, and MATLAB Central for that matter, such a great success.


Eight members of our community have become MATLAB Answers Editors, by achieving a reputation of 1500. In addition to participating by answering your MATLAB questions, our editors also help make MATLAB Answers an even better place by editing questions, answers or comments. If needed, they can also remove content. Thanks to all of our Editors for all their hard work. You can read more about what they do in Guidelines for Editors on MATLAB Answers.


Fall Contest Starts Wednesday


It’s that time again! The Fall Contest begins at noontime Natick time/16:00 UTC, Wednesday November 2. Please join us for another fun season testing your MATLAB skills against other members of our community.

If you haven’t played before, read about past contest winners in our Hall of Fame. We hope to see you online!

Happy Anniversary Ned!

If you’ve been part of the MATLAB Central community for a while, you’ve probably read blog or newsgroup posts, watched a video or downloaded File Exchange submissions from Ned Gulley, one of the founders of our community. Ned is celebrating his 20th anniversary at MathWorks.

Please join us in wishing him a very happy anniversary!

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