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A Little Reminiscing on College 1

Chilly mornings and turning leaves reminded me of my college days at Cornell. A long fourteen years ago I was an engineering freshman, uncertain if I wanted to learn electrical engineering, computer… read more >>

Variable and Function Rename 12

The MATLAB R2011b feature that I’ve been most anticipating is the automatic rename in the Editor. Renaming functions and variables is a common operation for programmers. It’s useful for… read more >>

R2011b Is Here! 12

It’s (almost) fall, and that means a brand-new release of MATLAB. Here are a few awesome new Desktop features in this release:

Improved Command Window Formatting

The Command Window…

The Go To Dialog 2

Over the weekend, reader “mnasr14” reminded me with a comment on an old post about the oft-overlooked Go To… dialog in the Editor. The Go To… dialog provides a quick way to… read more >>

We Want You To Help Us Make Our Software Better 3

We’re always improving MATLAB and our other products. Each release we not only fix bugs and add requested features, but we also incorporate your feedback to make our software easier to use. The… read more >>

If You Know Your History, You Can Repeat It 3

It’s been a long time since we covered the Command History in the Desktop, so I thought I would remind everyone that it’s not just a pretty record of what you’ve done in the command… read more >>

MATLAB Toolbox Path Caching 3

One aspect of the MATLAB search path is the toolbox path cache. When your program calls a MATLAB function, the interpreter needs to know where to find the code associated with that function. Rather… read more >>

Connect To The Cloud With MATLAB Mobile 2.0 26

I’m excited to finally talk about what I’ve been working on for the past few months… MATLAB Mobile 2.0. This release’s big feature: connect to the cloud. Previously you needed… read more >>

More Comparison Tool Updates 1

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the new MAT-file comparison features in the Comparison Tool. However, those were not the only enhancements made to the tool in R2011a. You can also now ignore certain… read more >>

LaTeX Formula Publishing 21

A long time ago the Publish team added the ability to include LaTeX formulas in published MATLAB files. This was seen as a nice way to include pretty-formatted formulas and equations without having… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 45