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We’ve come a long way since this started out a team blog strictly talking about the MATLAB Desktop. 272 nearly-weekly posts and five years later, we’ve had team members come and go and the focus of the blog slowly evolve to include topics like Java and XML programming, MATLAB Mobile, and MATLAB Central.

In this time we’ve had lots of regular readers, one-time visitors, and excellent feedback. By comments, our most popular post continues to be our MATLAB Mobile introduction, followed distantly by our post on MATLAB on Snow Leopard. Keyboard shortcuts and UITABLE have also been very active topics over the years.

Those of you are who are regular readers may have noticed that the distribution of community posts to strictly desktop posts has been changing over the past two years, and now we’re making it official. I am handing this blog off to the MATLAB Central team, so welcome to the MATLAB Spoken Here blog. We’ll still have desktop topics from time to time as they come up, but the regular focus will be the File Exchange, Cody, Trendy, Answers, the MATLAB Contest, MATLAB Mobile, and other exciting new web and mobile products as they come online.

Thank you for your readership and support, and keep coming here week after week to find continued success using MATLAB in all its forms.

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