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Even More XML and MATLAB : Controlling XML Output

Posted by Michael Katz,

I’ve had a lot of comments in the past few months about MATLAB’s XML functionality, so I guess it’s time to provide a few more posts on the matter. Today is part 4 of the series, this time covering some of the limitations of xmlwrite…. read more >>

XML and MATLAB: Navigating a Tree 26

Posted by Michael Katz,

This week I’m posting the third part in my series on using XML. Since I’ve had a request to cover this topic, I’ve moved it up in the schedule. We’ll be back to the new MATLAB R2010b features next week…. read more >>

Simple XML Node Creation 17

Posted by Michael Katz,

Last time in my XML series, I showed you how to use xmlread to create an XML Document object in MATLAB. I also promised to follow up on that with more information on how to use the Document object. Today, I want to show you how to create a DOM... read more >>

Using XML in MATLAB 22

Posted by Michael Katz,

Much of the data on the Internet is stored in some flavor of XML. Fortunately for us, MATLAB has some built in functions for handling XML file. This will be the first in a series of non-consecutive posts about working with XML in MATLAB. Today I'm going to describe the... read more >>

Controlling the Java Heap Size 12

Posted by Michael Katz,

When you create a Java object from MATLAB, that object will live in the Java heap, whereas workspace variables will go into MATLAB’s main memory. The Java heap space is also shared with MATLAB user interface components, such as figures, the Desktop, and the Editor. You can see in the… read more >>

Calling Java from MATLAB 59

Posted by Michael Katz,

So far no one has taken me up on the extra credit from the Interactive Web Pages post. I thought the problem of displaying a figure without an image file was too interesting to pass up, so I figured out the solution myself and put it up on the file... read more >>