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Two Hundred Creators and Counting

About six weeks ago John Kelly wrote a post about some remarkable achievements in Cody. In that post he offered a prize to whomever would win the 200th creator badge.


I am happy to report that the prize has been claimed by Kevin Hellemans. You may remember that last Friday was the 13th day of September. Appropriately, our friend Kevin created problem 1877, entitled Friday the 13th. So we might say that Friday the 13th was Kevin’s lucky day.

An interesting footnote to this story is how we detected that Kevin was the 200th winner of the Creator Badge. Did we visit the Creator Badge page every morning to see if the number was greater than 200? No! That would be tedious, and besides there’s a much nicer way to do it. For this, we invoke another MATLAB Central application: Trendy.


What I did was create a trend to keep track of the Number of People Awarded the “Creator” Badge. Then I set a trigger so that I would get an email when the number collected was greater than 199.


This morning when I got to work, there was an email message from Trendy telling me that the magic number had been reached. And that is the story of how Kevin Hellemans won his prize.

So, thanks Kevin! John is sending a prize your way.

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