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28 GitHub Repos and Counting… 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Two weeks ago we announced that the File Exchange can connect directly to GitHub. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. Here are a few quotes from emails we’ve received…

That’s awesome. I was always hoping for that. I just linked my Github Repository to File Exchange :)

This is a nice feature, and thanks for the information. Github is friendly for development and bug fixing and MATLAB Central is professional for publishing MATLAB packages.

This is great news! Updating and maintaining the code was an issue with File Exchange. Thank you for making this connection!

That’s great news and a very logical step towards more open source collaboration in MATLAB. Good job!

Since we launched the feature, we’ve received an average of two GitHub links per day, for a total of 28 repositories so far. Thanks to all of you who have added a link to your GitHub project.

If you want to keep track of the progress, File Exchange guru Josh Natanson has created a trend for it over on Trendy. Watch the number grow! And if you want to see the actual list of GitHUb projects, follow this link:



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Ned Gulley replied on : 2 of 2

We haven’t connected to the GitHub webhooks yet, but all of our GitHub information is refreshed nightly, and the .zip file you download is coming directly from GitHub, so whatever the latest commit is over there, that’s what you’re going to get.