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National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day was June 3rd. On that day, Sean Breckling was nice enough to tweet this to the universe of MATLAB users:

I sampled his code (below) and found it delicious, although it had a slight metallic taste (note the copper colormap).

    X = imread('sprinkles.jpg');
    t = 0:0.01:1;
    nt = max(size(t));
    outside = 2 + sqrt(1 - t.*t);
    inside = 2 - sqrt(1 - t.*t);
    [x,y,z] = cylinder(outside);
    [xx,yy,zz] = cylinder(inside);
    surf(x,y,z,    'LineStyle', 'none', 'FaceColor', 'texturemap','EdgeColor','none');
    hold on
    surf(x,y,-z,   'LineStyle', 'none', 'FaceColor', 'texturemap','EdgeColor','none');
    surf(xx,yy,zz, 'LineStyle', 'none', 'FaceColor', 'texturemap','EdgeColor','none');
    surf(xx,yy,-zz,'LineStyle', 'none', 'FaceColor', 'texturemap','EdgeColor','none');
    axis tight equal off;
    hold off


Sorry it took me a while to notice your tweet, Sean. I may be too late to wish you a Happy National Doughnut Day, but by a
fortunate coincidence, today is National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day (strange but true!). So Happy National Jelly-Filled Doughnut

In honor of this occasion, here is a doughnut-themed Cody problem: Would Homer Like It?

And finally, through the magic of spherical coordinates, we’ll close with a gratuitous animation. Because doughnut. Mmmm… doughnut.


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