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Pretty printing 4

If you are tired of printing black and white files from the Editor, try setting some pretty printing options. To print the Editor or the Command Window with full color and headers, select the File… read more >>

Editor syntax colors for non-M file types 16

I recently had a customer ask me how to make his mex files have correct syntax highlighting. He had a file type that was not specified in our default preferences. This is very easy to fix using… read more >>

Closing Time at the Document Bar 10

When you are done working with a “document” (M-File in the Editor, variable in the Array Editor, docked Figure, etc.) MATLAB offers a plethora of ways to close it:

You can select File->Close my…

Scroll less with Editor Bookmarks 8

When I am working on code, I find that I often need to move back and forth between two places in the code – sometimes several places in the code. The best way to do this in MATLAB is with… read more >>

Split Screen mode in the Editor 6

A common need when writing a large M-file is to be able to view two parts of the file simultaneously. For example, perhaps you are calling a subfunction from the main body of your code, and you need… read more >>

Moving between functions within a file 18

When you’re writing a big M-file, you often end up with a large number of subfunctions or nested functions. Moving between them can be a pain though unless you know some tricks.
First, there…