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Best of 2020

Well folks, we made it. Before we leave 2020 behind for good, I would like to take a moment and recognize some of the most popular posts and new materials created this year.

Most Popular Posts of 2020

#1 Deep Learning for COVID-19 Detection
It probably comes as no surprise the most popular deep learning post of the year involved COVID. This was a timely and thoughtful post by Barath NarayananUniversity of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), and I encourage you to skim it if you haven't already!
>> link to post
#2 MATLAB Deep Learning Training Course
This was a surprisingly popular post to announce a new course that was developed in collaboration with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). Though I haven't confirmed my suspicions, I would bet some of the popularity of this post had to do with NVIDIA's promotion on social media. Regardless, the post explains why we're excited about the training collaboration with NVIDIA, and what you can expect from the training if you participate.
>> link to post
#3 Learning Deep Learning at Home
At the beginning of April, when the realization of 'work from home' was just setting in, an interesting phenomenon emerged: In certain cases, engineers had more time to devote to learning. This was an opportunity to curate a huge amount of resources for those that were interested in learning more about deep learning, while also acknowledging that on certain days, it was enough to simply get out of bed.
>> link to post
#4 Mask Detection using Deep Learning
Wanbin explored implementing COVID-19 research using MATLAB, and was able to quickly develop and deploy a mask detection algorithm using YOLO-v2. You have access to the full code on Github.
>> link to post
With these posts, 2 clear themes of 2020 emerged:
  1. A desire to learn something new
  2. Applications related to COVID
In both cases, deep learning provides an excellent outlet to explore these themes.

New Deep Learning Material

Each year, MathWorks creates new material to delight, inspire, and promote on our website. This year was a good one for new deep learning material, and that trend will continue into the new year. While there is more material than I have space to mention, here are the top 6 new deep learning material created in 2020.
#1 Cleve wrote an article for News and Notes
The article explores deep learning for wildlife classification.
    #2 AI for Engineers video.
A high level introduction to what AI means to engineers.
It's worth the watch if only for the robot delivering packages at 2:10.
#3 Signal Processing Ebook
Preparing data and models for signal processing applications, using keyword detection for audio as an example.
#4 Q&A Articles on Deep Learning and Machine Learning Topics
Laura and I answer frequently asked questions on DL and ML.
#5 New Webinars covering new topics for deep learning
#6 Test your knowledge of Deep Learning with this Interactive Quiz
Finally, I'd like to ask: what new deep learning materials would you like to see in 2021?
Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year.

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