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Building a High Five Counter Using Deep Learning

This post is from Brian Douglas, YouTube Content Creator for Control Systems and Deep Learning Applications For about a decade, I've wanted to implement this silly idea I had... read more >>

Deep Learning Based Surrogate Models

Today’s guest blogger is Shyam Keshavmurthy, Application Engineer focused on AI applications, here to talk about Surrogate Models. Background System modeling is used in applications such as... read more >>

Semantic Segmentation for Medical Imaging 4

The following post is by Dr. Barath Narayanan, University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) with co-authors: Dr. Russell C. Hardie, and Redha Ali. In this blog, we apply Deep... read more >>

Accelerating Deep Learning Training with MATLAB and NVIDIA NGC

This is post is from Akhil Docca, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NVIDIA and Andy The, AI Partner Manager at MathWorks Introduction Data Scientists, researchers and developers need... read more >>

Bringing TensorFlow Models into MATLAB

The following is a post from Shounak Mitra, Product Manager for Deep Learning Toolbox, here to talk about practical ways to work with TensorFlow and MATLAB. In release R2021a, a converter for... read more >>

Scaling your Deep Learning Research from Desktop to Cloud

Implementing multiple AI experiments for head and neck tumor... read more >>

Painting Music with Artificial Intelligence

Co-authored by Dr Andrew Starkey and Jack Caven Introduction Painting Music is a project we are co-developing in collaboration with visual artist, Kate Steenhauer. We have developed a system... read more >>

Finding Information in a Sea of Noise 2

The following is a guest post by Dr. Brett Shoelson, Principal Application Engineer at MathWorks For today's blog, I would like to pose a problem:Suppose that you had a lot of data representing... read more >>

Bias in Deep Learning Systems

A discussion of the film, Coded Bias This post is from Heather Gorr ( to recap her experience watching Coded Bias, with a call to action for everyone reading. Coded bias was recently... read more >>

Playing Pong using Reinforcement Learning 2

The following post is from Christoph Stockhammer, here today to show how to use Reinforcement Learning for a very serious task: playing games. If you would like to learn more about Reinforcement... read more >>

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