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다음에 대한 결과: 2021

When the charging station is (only) 93 million miles away

Lightyear has had a great month. First, they announced that their prototype car drives over 440 miles (770 km) on a single charge.  And that’s on a battery charge of just 60 kWh.
The Lightyear One… 더 읽어보기 >>

The science behind this illusion and how the visual confuses your brain

What do you get when a psychology researcher and a visual artist collaborate? You get a visual illusion that boggles the brain, literally.
When you look at the “scintillating starburst” below, do you… 더 읽어보기 >>

How sewage is becoming a gold mine (of COVID information) for scientists

“I’m headed off to college to study raw sewage,” said no one, ever. At least, I doubt that’s what any science-savvy college freshman would plan as a major. But it turns out that sewage may be a key… 더 읽어보기 >>

This two-legged robot taught itself how to walk 1

Cassie can’t dance. At least not yet. But it recently took its first steps. You got to walk before you run!
Cassie is a bright yellow, two-legged, human-sized robot that recently taught itself… 더 읽어보기 >>

Blinking birds: Balancing flight safety and the need to blink

With the notable exception of owls, parrots, and very few others, birds don’t blink like humans. They don’t close their top and bottom eyelids completely. But birds have a third eyelid, a… 더 읽어보기 >>