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Using MATLAB to catch athletes who cheat

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

The difference between a gold and a silver medal in many Olympic races is only a fraction of a second. This pushes athletes, and the networks that support them, to look for ways to get even the slightest edge, often through unethical approaches…. read more >>

100 years later, a faint chirp proves Einstein was right

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

The New Yorker wrote an article called Gravitational Waves Exist: The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Them. The article describes how Professor Rainer Weiss’ idea to build a device sensitive enough to detect ripples in space-time became a professional obsession and a quest that spanned a half century. This quest had a team… read more >>

How to fly a solar-powered plane when the sun doesn’t shine (and other Si2 design challenges)

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Being first isn’t always easy, but it does give you flexibility in how you approach a task. For the engineers at Solar Impulse, that meant starting without a blue print and designing the plane from a clean slate with MATLAB and Model-Based Design.

Here is a list of 4 design considerations that the engineers at Solar Impulse faced that aren’t a major concern for typical aircraft designs:read more >>

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