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Predictive Maintenance: From Development to IoT Deployment

Interest in predictive maintenance is increasing as more and more companies see it as a key application for data analytics that leverages IoT systems. Branko Dijkstra, a technical consultant at MathWorks, held a talk at the MATLAB Conference and covers the development of predictive maintenance algorithms, as well as their deployment on the two main nodes of IoT systems—the edge and the cloud.

What do you expect from predictive maintenance?

  • Maintenance cares about day-to-day operations – Reduced downtime
  • Operations and IT look at the bigger picture – Improved operating efficiency
  • Engineering groups get product feedback – Better customer experience
  • Upper management wants to drive growth – New revenue streams

Why MATLAB and Simulink for predictive maintenance?

  • Get started quickly
  • Reduce the amount of data you need to store and transmit
  • Deliver the results of your analytics based on your audience
  • Create training data for your algorithm in the absence of real failure data

You can watch Branko’s full talk and download related resources from MathWorks Videos and Webinars.


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