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Real-time Gas Sensor System with Microsoft Gadgeteer and ThingSpeak 2

Posted by Hans Scharler,

TinyCLR master user [Duke Nukem] created a project using the Microsoft Gadgeteer and ThingSpeak Internet of Things web services. The Gadgeteer allows modular hardware development with plug-and-play sensors and controls. Mr. Nukem built a real-time gas sensor monitoring system that uploads its data to a ThingSpeak Channel. Once the data is… read more >>

ThingSpeak Microsoft .NET Class

Posted by Hans Scharler,

If you are building an app using Microsoft .NET / C#, you don’t have to start from scratch. [Brett] created a Microsoft .NET class for the entire ThingSpeak API. He included the general data fields, as well, as geolocation and status updates. You can download the class on Brett’s blog… read more >>