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ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Libelium Now Supports ThingSpeak with MATLAB enabled IoT Analytics

Libelium makes the Meshlium IoT Gateway that supports commercial IoT systems and sensor applications such as waste management, forest fire detection, potable water monitoring, supply chain control, and fleet tracking. Libelium now supports ThingSpeak, so that you can take IoT applications to the next level by using ThingSpeak’s integrated MATLAB enabled IoT analytics and visualizations.

ThingSpeak is a MATLAB enabled IoT analytics platform from MathWorks, the leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists. With ThingSpeak, users can view instant visualizations of live data from any Internet-connected web browser and schedule MATLAB code to run live analyses and visualizations as new data arrives. To accelerate the development of IoT analytics, MATLAB offers a full set of statistics and machine learning functionality, plus advanced methods such as nonlinear optimization, system identification, and thousands of prebuilt algorithms for signal and image processing.

Libelium sensors are used in a variety of vertical IoT applications like air quality monitoring and smart agriculture that are also common applications for users of the ThingSpeak platform. “The new integration between the Meshlium IoT Gateway and ThingSpeak will allow our customers with mutual interests to quickly analyze their data in the cloud with MATLAB,” said Eric Wetjen, Senior Product Marketing Manager for ThingSpeak.

The ThingSpeak integration allows you to easily connect your Libelium devices to the ThingSpeak IoT analytics platform by using the ThingSpeak cloud connector, which is built into the Libelium Meshlium IoT gateway. The ThingSpeak cloud connector inside of the Meshlium Manager System creates the ThingSpeak channels needed for your devices and synchronizes the data automatically without writing any custom code.

Check out the MathWorks Hardware Catalog for more information about the Libelium support for ThingSpeak and MATLAB.

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