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EVE Alpha – Raspberry Pi Wireless Development

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Kickstarter over the past few months has been the platform of choice for new Internet of Things hardware being developed. Many projects are an Arduino and another thing attached to it. While some of those projects are cool, they are not pushing the Internet of Things forward. Recently, Kickstarter changed their policies… read more >>

CheerLights: Connecting Lights Together to Bring Us Closer

Posted by Hans Scharler,

It’s that time of year… holiday time and family time. I was inspired this time to create a project that brings us a little closer. Lights are a big part of the holidays and with CheerLights you can connect your lights to other lights via Twitter with a little help… read more >>

ThingSpeak visits the Pittsburgh Ruby Users Group

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Hans Scharler is stopping by the monthly meeting of the Pittsburgh Ruby Users Group. The topic on the agenda is ThingSpeak, an open source Ruby on Rails application for the Internet of Things. The meeting is scheduled for December 1, 2011 and starts at 7:30pm.
Topics on the agenda:

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Web of Things Hackathon 1

Posted by Hans Scharler,

The Web of Things Workshop is Sunday, June 12, 2011 in San Francisco and features the latest research relating to the emerging Internet of Things tied to web services, sensors, objects, and everyday life. The Web of Things Workshop is held in conjunction with Pervasive 2011, the international conference on pervasive… read more >>

Can Things Tell a Story?

Posted by Hans Scharler,

If you look around your house or office, you will see a bunch of things. Things are just sitting there. Things like your coffee maker, toaster, florescent lights, copy machine, alarm clock…
Have you ever noticed that you keep a schedule on Google Calendar, but every night you set your alarm clock? What… read more >>