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Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union 2013

MathWorks will have a booth at the annual AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting this year, where you can expect to see me, Sarah Wait Zaranek, and Shyam Yadati. We will all be happy to show you some of the newest advancements in MATLAB and other MathWorks products. In addition, I will be speaking on Thursday from 1-1:30 PM at the Exhibit Hall Product Theater. My talk is entitled What's new in MATLAB for Earth & Ocean Sciences.


We're Back!

After several years of hiatus, MathWorks is back at AGU! Please join us either at my talk or at the MathWorks booth were we can update you on some of the newest capabilities in MATLAB relevant to Earth & Ocean sciences.

Concepts in the Talk

You can learn how to accelerate:

  • Importing and accessing data from excel files, images and data acquisition hardware
  • Modeling, analysis and visualization with built-in analysis algorithms, mapping capabilities
  • Automating and publishing your work by using MATLAB's built-in publishing capabilities, MATLAB Apps, Community website and Code Generation
  • Technical computing by taking advantage of additional cores and GPUs to run algorithms and analyses in parallel

Booth Demo Topics

Here's a list of topics we are preparing in advance so we can show them in the booth. Needless to say, our conversations need not be constrained by these topics!

  • Working with Complex and Messy Data

Import and handle “real-world” data with MATLAB

  • Parallel Computing

Accelerate your computations using multicore desktops, GPU and clusters with MATLAB

  • Streaming Data

Process streaming signals and large data with System objects

  • New Features in Image Processing and Mapping

Find circles, automatically register images, and create interactive web maps

  • Mathematical Modeling

Create models from first principles, using machine learning, or by fitting equations

  • Advanced Programming Techniques

Build robust maintainable functions, perform unit testing, and use object-oriented programming with MATLAB

  • Sharing Results and Encouraging Reproducibility

Automatically create reports, package applications, and generate C code from MATLAB code

Will We See You There?

If you plan to come by, especially to talk about any special topics, let me know.

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