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Now is the Time

It's reached that time for me. I will be retiring from MathWorks at the end of March 2022. It's been 35 years of tremendous growth for MathWorks, and for me. When I started this blog, the original stipulation was I needed to produce 5 posts to show that I had more than 1 or 2 in my head. That was 17 years ago! I just reread my inaugural post and it rings as true today as it did then.
I still love math and linear algebra. I've had the great good fortune to work with MathWorks founders, including my colleague and friend, Cleve Moler. I am grateful to Jack Little, who gave me (or I took!) opportunities that I never would have dreamt of - helping create world-class software, learning new domains in-depth, such as some areas in signal and image processing.
We have added great new functionality and technology over the years, enabling you to write code in many styles, ranging from quick one-off calculations to large systems that can be shared and deployed for many to use.
MATLAB started as a language for matrix computation and evolved to be replete with tools for a wide array of technical problems in technical computing and model-based design.
During that time, we have continued to focus on what you, our users, need. Sometimes it was completely new features, sometimes it was making certain features easier to use, and sometimes it was to make your code run faster (a focus from our teams all the time, even in the presence of other goals).
I have been lucky to help MathWorks by occasionally relocating for months at a time, several times, to Europe. In addition to travels far and wide, talking to you: users, researchers, engineers, scientists, professors, deans, rectors, and heads of large groups at small and large educational and research institutions as well as at a broad range of companies, has been the most rewarding part of my job.
From you, I have learned a lot, including things about MATLAB that I didn't know! And certainly things we could do to improve MATLAB. Please keep these suggestions and hassles coming our way. I've also learned plenty about science and engineering. And lots about the world we live in. What a beautiful place with an incredible collection of talented people.
These days I am very glad to see that the issue of inclusion of women and minorities is gaining the traction and focus that it deserves in STEM. In the broader world, and on a daily basis at MathWorks, there is evidence of progress. I didn't think early in my career that we'd have to work so hard to get there, but it's been totally worth every bit of effort.
The first major activity I am planning after I retire is taking a weaving class to create a Mobius scarf! So I'm not straying so far from all the technical stuff I love, but venturing into a more visually artistic rendition.
In the meantime, I leave you in the capable hands of my colleagues here at MathWorks. I hope you'll keep reading as Mike Croucher will very soon continue the tradition of blogging about MATLAB. May you all have prosperous futures and satisfaction as you learn new things and help the world become a better place.
Any comments? Leave them here.
A few nostalgic pictures for you.
Cleve and Loren at MathWorks 25th anniversary
MathWorks Team in the early days - our first real office, lines show me in the front middle, Cleve on far left.
Worldwide gathering of MathWorks for 35th anniversary, lines showing locations for Cleve (right) and me (left)
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