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結果: Best Practice

Commenting Code 15

My thesis advisor wanted to cheerfully annihilate me one day many years ago when he was working with a program I wrote. I had a huge set of comments describing the... 続きを読む >>

Handle This! 11

I recently got a great request from a reader to discuss the various kinds of entities in MATLAB attached to the word handle. I want to talk about the parallels and differences of three... 続きを読む >>

Processing a Set of Files 14

There continue to be questions on the MATLAB newsgroup regarding processing a set of files. So, for the record, and even though Steve covered this topic in his blog, I thought I'd get... 続きを読む >>

What Are You Really Measuring? 9

I had an interesting encounter with a colleague, Bob, last week. We were talking about timing some calculations and we realized that the written code was actually measuring... 続きを読む >>

Programming for Multiple Datatypes 9

How do you write M-files in MATLAB that you would like to have work correctly whether the inputs are double precision or single? By correctly, I mean that the program gives an... 続きを読む >>

MATLAB Programming Practices 10

I'm feeling pensive today as I participate in development activities at MathWorks for Release 2006b. We are following a 6-month release schedule and the naming convention for the twice... 続きを読む >>

Posts 61 - 66 of 66