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Another Possible Surprise – Ignored NaN Values 9

Ever have some data that might have some NaN values? And you start doing computations with these data, expecting |NaN|s to propagate... Only to find later, that the |NaN|s... read more >>

What a Difference It Makes! 19

I've been exploring some older functions in MATLAB recently and trying to characterize them. The function diff is one of them. And I realized it has a really unusual behavior when the... read more >>

What Data Is Available? 5

Yes, I know, data are, but the title just sounded terrible that way. Ever wonder what data you have stored in some files, particularly MATLAB MAT-files? Sometimes I'd... read more >>

Ensuring Positive Values – Part 2 6

My last post started the discussion about how to ensure data values met certain constraints. The solutions I talked about were ones where you checked at certain places during a... read more >>

Ensuring Positive Values – Part 1 4

Do you sometimes need to be sure an array has only bounded, positive values? At least one customer asked about this recently and noted that it could be quite involved. ... read more >>

Empty Arrays with Flow of Control and Logical Operators 17

After reading last week's post on calculating with empty arrays, one of my colleagues mentioned some other behaviors with empty arrays that have tripped him up in the past.... read more >>

Calculus with Empty Arrays 24

MATLAB has had empty arrays since before I started using the program. When I started, the only size empty array was 0x0. When version 5 was released, empty arrays came along for the... read more >>

Evens and Odds 3

There are so many functions in MATLAB that sometimes users think that if they can't find the function they are thinking of, it's because they don't know the name. Sometimes... read more >>

Computational Geometry in MATLAB R2009a, Part II 37

I am pleased to welcome back Damian Sheehy for the sequel to his earlier Computational Geometry post.

What's your problem! ?
griddata Produces "Funny" Results
Scattered Data...

Computational Geometry in MATLAB R2009a, Part I 15

I'm pleased to introduce Damian Sheehy as this week's guest blogger. Damian is a geometry developer at The MathWorks, his background is in the area of geometric modeling and... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 32