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Posted by Steve Eddins,

Welcome to my new image processing blog. In the coming weeks and months and years (I hope) I'll be writing here about image processing concepts and algorithms, all within the context of MATLAB.

I certainly don't know yet how this will evolve, but I can offer topic areas I have in mind to whet your appetite:

  • Answers to frequently-asked questions
    The FFT leaps to mind.
  • MATLAB tips
    Do you know how binary images and logical indexing are related?
  • Tutorial series on fundamental concepts
    Spatial transforms; filter separability
  • Algorithm implementation techniques
    Who knew a queue could be so useful?
  • Image processing applications
  • Recommended reading
  • Fun stuff
    Space-filling curves; Conway's Game of Life

On a different level, I hope this blog adds to the ever-growing community of MATLAB Central. Communities are unified bodies of individuals. They are unified sometimes geographically (for example, me and my fellow citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts). On MATLAB Central we are unified instead by our common interests, such as MATLAB and (for this blog, anyway) image processing.

Communities require interaction, or else they stagnate. So, please, let me hear from you. Leave your comments here, or send me e-mail. Tell me what you think about what you read here, or what topics you want me to cover.


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Bibsearcher replied on : 1 of 2

Je cherche un code qui permet de faire l’indexation d’images, et/ ou un autre qui permet d’extraire des caractéritiques d’une image. Merci

Steve replied on : 2 of 2

Bibsearcher—I don’t know French, so I tried an online translator and got: “I seek a code which makes it possible to make the indexing of images, and or another which makes it possible to extract from caracteritic from an image.” I think I understand the translation, but unfortunately I still don’t really understand the question. Can you be more specific?