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Spatial transformations: Useful toolbox documentation links

I've received some comments and e-mail asking how to apply the spatial transformation ideas I've been writing about to images. When I started this series, I naively assumed that Image Processing Toolbox users who were interested in spatial transformations would already know about the function imtransform. I was wrong about that, as I've already written.

You can use imtransform and maketform to apply several types of transformations to images, including affine, projective, and custom. In addition, the image registration function cp2tform can make more types of transforms, including linear conformal, polynomial, piecewise linear, and local weighted mean. Since it's going to be a few more weeks before I get into the specific details of imtransform and friends in this blog, I thought I'd provide some pointers to help readers who need the information now. Here are some links:

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