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Image processing concepts, algorithms, and MATLAB


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Spatial transformations: Handling noninvertible cases 6

I've written previously about how imtransform uses inverse mapping to compute the input-space location corresponding to each output pixel. I've also written about how imtransform uses the... read more >>

GUI programming questions 4

I regularly receive blog comments and direct e-mail asking for help with writing image processing GUIs in MATLAB. That's way beyond the scope of this blog, and I'm afraid I don't have time to... read more >>

Seen on the web: MATLAB example for tracing and measuring skin lesions 2

I saw an interesting MATLAB based image processing application on a melanoma skin cancer blog recently. The example, including code, shows how the lesions are segmented, traced, and measured. Several... read more >>

Input from tech support 25

Recently, our application support engineers gave a series of presentations to development groups. These presentations summarized calls received by tech support about different products. I thought... read more >>

Spatial transformations: Translation confusion 46

The last time I wrote about spatial transformations, I explained that imtransform uses the function findbounds to locate the transformed image in output space. By default, imtransform computes... read more >>