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Seen on the Web: Bilateral filtering in MATLAB 14

Posted by Steve Eddins,

This looks interesting: Medical Image Processing: Bilateral Filtering in MATLAB. It includes MATLAB code.

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João replied on : 2 of 14
The Bilateral Filtering isn't implemented correctly. It makes no use of the gaussian closeness function (H_c). The output of the similarity function should be V = sum(sum(H_c.*sim.*B)) ./ sum(sum(H_c.*sim)); The resulting image isn't much different. I guess they were lucky in their choice of image example.
Doug replied on : 3 of 14
For those working with color images, please see my implementation of Bilateral Filtering on the Matlab Central File Exchange. The provided source directly implements the approach outlined by Tomasi and Manduchi. In addition, it demonstrates a recent application of the method to automatic image abstraction.
Bjorn replied on : 4 of 14
...and the idea is apparently patent protected (whatever one might think of software patents): S.M. Smith. Method for digitally processing images to determine the position of edges and/or corners therein for guidance of unmanned vehicle. UK Patent 2272285. Proprietor: Secretary of State for Defence, UK. 15 January 1997.
Christopher replied on : 5 of 14
Thanks for the correction. I accidently put up an older version where I forgot the multiplication with the closeness function. It should be okay now.
sun replied on : 6 of 14
hi steve can i represent a integer number in MATLAB using fewer than 8 bits? ex: can i represent 15 in 4 bits?
Tom replied on : 8 of 14
Hi Steve, Bilateral filter implemented by Doug uses loops. Is there anyway to vectorise this code? I tried the filter mentioned in this post but it's even slower. Doug's code -
Steve replied on : 9 of 14
Tom - I'll have to take a look. I'll put it on my list of things to investigate for possible blog postings. I won't be able to get to it for a while, though.
Tom replied on : 10 of 14
Thanks Steve, I've put it up on Matlab newsgroups too. Maybe some readers will come up with something meanwhile. Your blogs are excellent by the way. Regards, Tom
fatin replied on : 11 of 14
Hi steve could you Please tell me It is better to filter all images using Bilateral filtering before feature extraction process in image retrieval system?
Jose replied on : 14 of 14
Hi everybody...Does anybody know how to use Bilateral Filter for speech noise reduction? Thanks!