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As Loren posted yesterday in her Art of MATLAB blog, the R2007a release is available. Readers of this blog might be interested in the minor upgrades the Image Processing Toolbox, the Image Acquisition Toolbox, and the Video and Image Processing Blockset. Here is the release notes summary for all products.

The Image Processing Toolbox release includes:

  • imresize improvements (faster, less memory, better antialiasing for large shrink factors, better quality for indexed images)
  • tetrahedral interpolation in applycform
  • cpselect is easier to use in custom GUIs
  • Interactive mouse placement of shapes generated by imrect, impoint, and imline; interactive mouse resizing of the imrect rectangle
  • New montage options for controlling layout and appearance

The Image Acquisition Toolbox release includes:

  • From Video Device block for use with Simulink
  • Support for additional QImaging and Matrox devices
  • Improved DCAM driver

The Video and Image Processing Blockset includes:

  • 3-D array representation for color data
  • Expanded block support for color data
  • Multiple strings in Insert Text block
  • Improved algorithms in several demos

And then, of course, there's the new MATLAB release. There are too many worthwhile new features for me to mention them all here, but there are several new features that especially caught my eye:

  • Multithreaded computation for many elementwise operators and linear algebra functions
  • Maximizing and restoring Desktop windows
    I've already started using this nifty new feature. It's really handy when doing presentations.
  • Users can add their own M-file collections to the Help Browser's search database
  • The Editor can auto-correct some code problems reported by M-Lint
  • The divide-by-zero warning is now off by default
  • Movies no longer play an "extra" time when loading
  • New GUI callback functions including WindowScrollWheelFcn and KeyReleaseFcn
  • New function bsxfun can help eliminate many calls to repmat

I'm especially glad that several publishing features that I regularly use in this blog are now fully documented for the first time, including inline links and images. Also, you can now insert arbitrary HTML markup into your published M-file scripts. I might have to give that a try soon.


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