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ICIP 2007

For the next few days, I'll be at the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing in San Antonio, Texas. If you're there, stop by the MathWorks table and say hi. ... read more >>

R2007b 8

Sharp-eyed readers of my previous post might have noticed the "Published with MATLAB® 7.5" footer at the end of the example. That's right, as Loren posted earlier this week, R2007b is now traveling the world via plane, truck, and TCP/IP. ... read more >>

Clearing border components 5

I saw an application recently where someone wanted to handle NaNs in an image differently depending on whether they were "interior." In other words, a set of connected NaN pixels surrounded by non-NaN pixels are handled one way, and a set of connected NaN ... read more >>

Intensity-weighted centroids 129

One the measurements provided by regionprops is 'Centroid'. Here's an example of labeling binary objects, computing the centroid of each object, and plotting the centroid location on top of the image. ... read more >>

Gray scale pixel values in labeled regions 58

The functions bwlabel and regionprops are very useful for measuring the properties of shapes in a binary image. There are documentation examples and product demos showing how to do this, and I've shown these functions in action several times in this blog. ... read more >>

Upslope area code is now available

After my last upslope area post, I decided that I had enough of the algorithm details worked out to produce a set of working M-files. Although I have a few more posts to go, I've already uploaded the M-files to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. If you've been following this... read more >>