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R2007a 6

As Loren posted yesterday in her Art of MATLAB blog, the R2007a release is available. Readers of this blog might be interested in the minor upgrades the Image Processing Toolbox, the Image... 更多内容 >>

Costas arrays 17

Last week I wrote about a possible modification to poly2mask that would estimate how much of each pixel is contained within a polygon. The idea was to use a regular 5-by-5 subgrid and ... 更多内容 >>

Seen on the web 1

Item 1: Digital image correlation for strain measurement The iMechanica web site has an item on a MATLAB tool that applies digital image correlation techniques for measuring material... 更多内容 >>

A Year of Blogging 50

I started this blog on image processing and MATLAB about a year ago. Shortly afterward, another blogger discovered it and told the world that a blog solely about MATLAB and image processing was... 更多内容 >>