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Binary image convex hull 1

I've been intending to mention a new function bwconvhull that was introduced in the Image Processing Toolbox last spring in the R2011a release. Now that R2011b is out, I figure I better go ahead and do it! ... read more >>

“Area opening” terminology question 11

An experienced user of our products recently told us we got it wrong when we named bwareaopen. This function removes foreground objects from a binary image that are smaller in area than a given threshold. The user said (paraphrased) that "bwareaopen isn't doing an opening... read more >>

Blog comments and e-mail 2

I just realized that it's been more than three years since I explained the way I handle comments on this blog. It's probably time for an update as many readers are new since then. ... read more >>

Five years ago: March and April 2006

Much of the information I posted in this blog years ago is still useful today. Image processing theory hasn't been completely overturned since then, and I'm still talking about MATLAB after all. For the benefit of readers who have joined the party ... read more >>