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Checkerboard fun 8

Thinking about test images (13-Jan-2006, 16-Jul-2011, 19-Jul-2011, 19-Jul-2011) recently prompted me to take a look at the Image Processing Toolbox function checkerboard. I =... read more >>

Filtering fun 4

Today I want to take the test pattern I created last time and subject it to a variety of frequency-based filters. In this post I'll be using a variety of frequency design and... read more >>

Measuring elapsed time in MATLAB

The July 2011 issue of MATLAB Digest is out, and an article by Martin Knapp-Cordes and Bill McKeeman caught my eye. It describes improvements to the MATLAB tic and toc functions. It also describes... read more >>

Jähne test pattern 9

Earlier this week I posted a summary of posts from the beginning of this blog, including my January 13, 2006 post on generating test images. Today I want to revisit one of the examples from that... read more >>

MATLAB R2011a 5

R2011a shipped back in April, but I haven't said too much about it, yet. I mentioned the new geotiffwrite function in Mapping Toolbox (18-Apr-2011 post), and I discussed the improved performance... read more >>