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Image inpainting using PDE techniques

This week I want to highlight a new article on called "Applying Modern PDE Techniques to Digital Image Restoration," by Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb of the University of Cambridge. Dr. Schönlieb describes PDE-based inpainting, or image interpolation, used to reconstruct missing parts of images.

Her inpainting work began on a project to restore some 14th-century Viennese frescoes that were rediscovered in 1979.


She also describes other applications, such as filling in obscured portions of roads in satellite imagery.

The article describes inpainting using Fourier's heat equation as well as more sophisticated methods that can better handle discontinous image features such as edges. Here's a result using the heat equation.

Check out the article if you're interested. You might also want to look at roifill, which implements a simple form of PDE-based inpainting.

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