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How to Run Blog Post Code in Your Browser

I have published more than 560 blog posts here since 2006, and I estimate that about 98% of them started out as MATLAB scripts.
Recently, I've started writing my blog posts as live scripts. Live scripts contain not only MATLAB code, but also code output, graphics output, and formatted text, including equations. It's a really nice way to share a technical story.
Now, thanks to my friends on the MATLAB Central development team, I can write a blog post as a live script -- and then you can run the code yourself in your web browser!
Let me show you how it works. Here is my blog post on using a custom interpolation kernel with imresize:
Now scroll all the down to the bottom of the post (above the comments):
Click on the "Run in your browser" button, and you'll get your own MATLAB Online session in your browser, with the contents of the live script preloaded for you. It will look something like this:
Alternatively, you can click on the "Download Live Script" button to download the code to your own computer.
For access to MATLAB and Simulink in your web browser whenever you have internet access, just head over to MATLAB Online.
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