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Climb stairs and shoot the target: A Student Robotics Project!

For this week’s blog post, we invited an ABU Robocon team, BRACT’s Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune to share their journey to winning 3rd place in the MathWorks Modelling Award at DD… read more >>

Navigating the depth: Advocating for better Engineering Education with MATLAB on YouTube 3

Today, we are talking to Phil Parisi, who recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island and now works as a robotics researcher at a coastal research laboratory. He also runs a popular… read more >>

An Autonomous Quadruped Manipulator for Pick and Place Applications

For today’s post Roberto Valenti, who leads the MathWorks Challenge Project program will talk about a senior design class project at University of Sheffield. Over to you,… read more >>

Robots vs Humans in Soccer, and thereon…

In today’s post, Jose Avendano joins us to talk about RoboCup. Over to you, Jose..
Robotics applications can be incredibly varied and different; they range from simple automation tasks to elaborate… read more >>

Dive into the Water: Design a PX4 based Underwater Robot with MATLAB

In today’s post, Liping from the Student programs team will share how a student team used MATLAB and the PX4 platform to design an underwater robot and won the China Graduate Electronic Design… read more >>

Cracking the Code: Unique Insights from BEST Robotics Finalists!

For this week’s blog post, we invited a BEST Robotics team to share their journey to becoming a finalist in the 2022 Souths BEST Championship. For the 2022 season, BEST Robotics focused on a global… read more >>

Weight Perception for Robot Manipulators

In today’s post, Jose Avendano joins us to talk about a perception algorithm developed specifically for robot manipulators to determine the weight of grasped objects. Over to you, Jose..

Robot…

Sibling Duo Share How Participating in Student Competitions Drives Interest in STEM Careers

Today we’re talking to Atiksh Bhardwaj from Allen High School and Aristaa Bhardwaj from Ereckson Middle School who competed in BEST Robotics. Atiksh was part of the Ereckson team between 2016 and… read more >>

Designing Arrow Throwing Robots by Team DJS Robocon

In today’s post, Maitreyee Mordekar would like to introduce you to Team DJS Robocon from D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, India.
Building a robot is not a simple…

Integrated Design Projects at Cambridge Computer Science

By Dr Francesco Ciriello, Education Customer Success Engineer based in Cambridge, UK. 
Between January and March of 2021, I mentored two student teams from the University of Cambridge on their Part… read more >>

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