Introducing Cleve’s Laboratory

I am launching a project that I call Cleve's Laboratory. My most recent Cleve's Corner column in MathWorks News & Notes is about the project. The MATLAB app itself is available for download from the MATLAB Central File Exchange.

Cleve’s Laboratory collects much of the work I have done over the last several years in one place. The experiments come from this blog, my two online books, Cleve’s Corner columns in News & Notes, and new work.

Each experiment centers on an interactive “app” that allows experimenters to try out the ideas for themselves. Several of the experiments, including hello_world, klock, and biorhythms, are designed to introduce newcomers to MATLAB.

This figure shows snapshots of some of the graphical entry pages. Even these are live pages driven by MATLAB. The wave in the first icon moves every time you open the page. The clock reads the correct time. The Sudoku puzzle changes. The double pendulum swings.

Here are the apps in the current release. If you have been following this blog, you might recognize some of them.

  • logo_wave
  • biorhythms
  • klock
  • lifex
  • fibonacci
  • fern
  • house_mult
  • t_puzzle
  • tictactoe
  • flame
  • predprey
  • mandelbrot
  • durerperm
  • waterwave
  • expshow
  • sudoku
  • orbits
  • golden_spiral
  • walker
  • hello_world
  • blackjack
  • swinger
  • eigsvdapp
  • censusapp
  • touchtone
  • pdeapp
  • interpapp
  • waves
  • tumbling_box

Published with MATLAB® R2016a

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