MiniGallery, Sampler of MATLAB Test Matrices

MATLAB has dozens of test matrices. Here are a few.



  • Random. A = sprand(n,n,0.25). Random sparse, density = 0.25.
  • Bucky. A = bucky. Sparse connectivity graph of the geodesic dome, the soccer ball, and the carbon-60 molecule.
  • Wilkinson. A = wilkinson(n). Wn+. Nearly equal double eigenvalues.
  • Band. A = triu(tril(A,2),-2). Elements near diagonal.
  • Triangular. A = triu(A). Elements on and above diagonal.
  • Hessenberg. A = triu(A,-1). Upper triangular plus one subdiagonal. See schur.
  • Permutation. A = sparse(randperm(n),1:n,1). One +1 in each row and column.
  • Companion. c = charpoly(A); A = [-c(2:end); eye(n-1,n)]. Traditional companion matrix.
  • Fiedler. c = charpoly(A); A = fiedler(-c(2:end)). Fiedler companion matrix.
  • Hankel. A = flip(gallery('toeppd',n)). Constant antidiagonals.
  • Toeplitz. A = gallery('toeppd',n). Constant diagonals.
  • Magic. A = magic(n). Magic square.




Published with MATLAB® R2023a

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