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What do your toolbars look like?

Back in April, Peter talked about how you can put The Tools You Want Where You Want Them (new in R2008a). We’d love to see how you’ve arranged your toolbars, and are offering free MathWorks t-shirts to the first five people who send in screen shots of their Desktop and Editor toolbars. I’ll post the toolbar screen shots and their owner’s as comments to this entry. Send your toolbar screen shots to

To get things going, here are what my toolbars look like:

Desktop Toolbar

I like my Desktop toolbar to be clean and simple. I’ve got the current directory tools prominently displayed in the center of the toolbar, flanked by new and open on the left, and help on the right.

Editor Toolbar

For my Editor toolbar, I’ve placed the most used tools towards the left, and less used tools towards the right. I trimmed down the toolbar enough so that I could move the Cell Mode toolbar into the same horizontal space and thus give me a few extra vertical pixels.

What do your toolbars look like?

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