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Update From the World of MEX: Visual Studio 2010 Support

This week I’d like to welcome back guest blogger, Ken Atwell from the MATLAB Product Management team this week to talk about our support of Visual Studio 2010.

With the recent release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, we were almost immediately asked, “does it work with MATLAB”? Since Visual C++ 2010 was released after MATLAB R2010a, it could not be officially supported in the shipping release. With Visual C++ 2010 now “gold” and validated, we are making available a patch to 64-bit and 32-bit MATLAB R2010a (naturally, for Windows) that allows you to build MEX files with this new version of Visual C++. The patch supports both the Professional and Express versions of Visual C++, and will work with both the Professional and Student versions of MATLAB. This patch works only with R2010a; using the patch with any version of MATLAB other than R2010a is not supported.

And, while we’re talking about compilers for Windows, we often get asked, “Where can I get a free compiler for Windows (especially 64-bit Windows)?” Visual C++ Express is free and probably your best option. If you are using Visual C++ Express with 64-bit MATLAB, you will also need to install a matching version of the Windows SDK (also free) to get the 64-bit compiler you’ll need.

All of the above is captured in our Supported and Compatible Compilers page, which should be everyone’s first-stop shop for information concerning what compilers MATLAB supports.

What compiler do you use with MATLAB, if any? Chime in below!

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