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2010 Retrospective

Wow, what a year… The Desktop has changed a lot this year. Some of the highlights include: a whole pile of Current Folder Browser enhancements (previews, zip files, files on path), variable recognition and highlighting in the Editor, the new Documentation center on our website, and the availability of MATLAB on iOS devices. This year our team has also changed quite a bit, and most significantly to me, I’ve been assigned to work on MATLAB Mobile full time.

My MATLAB Mobile post is also this year’s most comments winner, with almost 80 comments (at the time of this writing). These comments are overwhelmingly in support of an Android version. I find it ironic that 2009’s biggest comment generator was about the Mac platform, and this year it’s the non-Apple fans who are dissatisfied. I just can’t win! The MATLAB Mobile post also generated a ton of comments on our Facebook page. As always, I can’t comment on future plans, but if you’re a fellow Android user, feel free to leave a polite request on that page.

Looking back at my New Year’s Resolutions from January, I feel pretty good that our corpus of Monday posts satisfied my resolutions. I wanted to bring in more contributors to cover a wider range of topics, as well as continue highlighting underused features and give out useful tips, such as with the XML series.

When Ken departed, it was a bit rough going getting the blog out each week, but thankfully my wonderful co-workers stepped up this year and I got more guest posts than ever before. Thank you: Chris K, Christina, Dan, Helen, Ken A, Jared, Leslie, and Ned. I’d also like give special thinks to Peter who’s proofed all my posts, saving you from my bad spelling and atrocious grammar. With their help we’ve covered a wider range of MATLAB topics than ever before including our new platforms, new Desktop features, old tricks, and the MATLAB Community, of which you’re already a part.

The next few years are going to be exciting at MathWorks. We’ve got big plans to bring even more of the features you’ve been asking for to MATLAB, improving your experience on all our platforms, and taking scientific computation to new places. You can take part by participating here, on our other blogs, Facebook, or by joining us in Natick and around the world.

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