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Requesting Technical Support From Within MATLAB 6

Posted by Michael Katz,

One of the new features of MATLAB R2011a is a GUI to create Technical Support requests. While you can still create support requests from our website:, the in-product support automates a few of the fields for you, and reduces the mental burden of context switching.

To submit a request, just go to the Help menu -> Submit a MathWorks Support Request. From there you’ll be asked to enter your MathWorks account information (which you can create through a link in the GUI). Then you’ll see this screen:

Create Support Request Form

From here enter a descriptive subject, detailed description, and attach files. You’re also prompted to select a Product. If you are having trouble or requesting a feature for a function or GUI from a particular toolbox, be sure to select that toolbox as the product and not just MATLAB. I know from experience it can be a bit of a pain to figure out the toolbox and fill out the form, but it will get your question answered faster.

I hope that you find this to be a big help. No longer do you have to leave MATLAB to submit an issue, which hopefully leads to more reporting of problems and reduces turnaround time. And don’t forget that you can use this form to suggest enhancements as well!


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Jonas replied on : 4 of 6

I just tried out the feature for the first time to report a bug with the R2011b prerelease. Alas, this doesn’t work, since an “integer license is required”. Unfortunately, I don’t even have the possibility to enter one. Bummer.

Jonas replied on : 5 of 6

Turns out that the bug already exists in R2011a, so I could try the interface. Nice!

It’s a bit strange that after hitting submit, you get a second GUI-window, which brings you back to the first one after hitting OK. This makes it appear that somehow submitting has failed. Wouldn’t it be better to hide the first GUI window once you click submit until it becomes necessary to return to it (due to cancel, or connection error)?

mark vecchio replied on : 6 of 6

I work for a company and we need to develop a sort code for our part numbers they are something like 123xxxx45 we need to sort by the 123,45 but not the xxxx so my first thought was to use the length of the part then a like function in the place holder for 123,45 does this makes sense?