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2011 In Review

Well another year is almost complete. Once again we had two successful releases: MATLAB R2011a and R2011b. Today I feel like listing some of our achievements and share some interesting stats.

Top 11a Features

  1. Screen Menus on Mac OS X
  2. Updated Plot Catalog
  3. Submit a Support Request from MATLAB

Top 11b Features

  1. Spreadsheet Import
  2. Rename Variable

Web and Mobile

  1. MATLAB Answers
  2. Updated File Exchange
  3. MATLAB Mobile 2.0/2.1

I am most proud, of course, with MATLAB Mobile 2.0, which allows you to connect to the MathWorks Computing Cloud from your iPhone or iPod touch. No set up is needed to run MATLAB commands from anywhere!

As for the blog, I did have a few empty weeks, which I hope to not repeat next year. We got a new blogging platform this year, and it has made my life easier. This year I had 5 guest posters for a total of 47 posts. I don’t have access right now to the number of visitors, but it’s grown quite a bit this year… so, welcome all new and returning readers!

Our most popular post, by comments, remains the MATLAB Mobile announcement from last year. This is mostly due to Android fans. Rest assured we haven’t forgotten you. The most popular post, by comments, this year is the MATLAB on Mac update. Over the years, it seems that our Mac fans are the most prolific commenters.

In 2012 you can look forward to some signification desktop improvements, and cool new platforms for exploring MATLAB. Happy New Year!

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