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R2011b Command Window Formatting Improvements

In this latest release we have a number of new formatting improvements in the MATLAB Command Window.
Easier to read errors
In old releases if there was an error when running a file, MATLAB would display an error like:

??? Error using ==> myfun2 at 1

As of R2011b, the formatting is different so it’s easier to read, and to navigate to the issue. In the same red text, it will now be formatted like:

New Error formatting

The function name will appear as a link that opens the doc page for that function, if available. The line number (if not a built-in a function) will be a link that opens that file in the Editor.

Orange Warnings
Warning text that appears in the command window will be colored orange to make them easier to spot. Like almost all our colors, this is configurable in the Preferences window if you have trouble seeing it: File -> Preferences -> Colors -> MATLAB Command Window colors.

Orange-colored Warnings in MATLAB R2011b

Formatted Help
Help displayed in the command window now bolds the function name as it appears in the help text.

Bold function names in help text
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