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Introducing MATLAB R2011a

Last Friday we released MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a), the latest and greatest in MATLAB. There are a lot of new and improved features in this release. At the same time we also released MATLAB Mobile 1.3, and there are a few new and improved things in the community to talk about as well. Sadly for me, this is also the last release of (desktop) MATLAB that has new code I actually wrote.


MATLAB Desktop

MATLAB Menus at Top of Mac Screen
OS X screen menus MATLAB now behaves more like other native applications on Mac OS X by showing its menus at the top of the screen instead of inside the application frame.


matlab.desktop.editor API
help matlab.desktop.editor As I long ago promised, we now provide an official programmatic way to access the MATLAB Editor, and its contents. Check it out with help matlab.desktop.editor. Over the next few months I’ll be posting more about how this API works and give examples of a lot of cool things you can do now.

Improved Syntax Highlighting in Editor
highlighting of globals and persistents Previously we started highlighting non-local variables used across functions; now, we’ve extended this to cover global and persistent variables as well.

Plot Catalog

New and Improved Plot Catalog
help New Plot Browser The plot catalog has been redesigned to be more usable, include more plot types, and provide diagnostics.
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Submit a Tech Support Request from MATLAB
Submit a Support Request You can now use a built-in GUI for submitting support requests instead of using the website. This is also a great way to ask for all the enhancement you want. It’ll get to the developers faster than by leaving a comment on this blog. To use it, just go to the Help menu and select “Submit a MathWorks Support Request.” You’ll need your MathWorks Account credentials handy in order to log in.
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Comparison Tool

MAT-file comparison and merging
MAT file merging and comparing With the Comparison tool you can now compare individual variables in a MAT-file down to the field or element of arrays and structures. You can also now merge differences in MAT files.


MATLAB Mobile 1.3

MATLAB Mobile 1.3
MATLAB Mobile 1.3 Command Window We were lucky that we were able to release the latest version of MATLAB Mobile at the same time as new desktop MATLAB. This version has a lot UI and performance improvements. We’ve made the custom keyboard easier to use, added snapshot previews to the Command Window, and reorganized the History to be filterable and easier to understand.

MATLAB Community

MATLAB Answers

MATLAB Answers
New MATLAB Answers screen MATLAB Answers has come a long way since it was first released. We’ve added a bunch of cool new features, including a categorical navigation/search on the left side of the screen. Also Community Members with more than 1500 reputation points can edit questions, answers, and tags. Be sure to check back on this blog in the next few weeks for an in-depth review.

Programming Contest

Spring Programming Contest
The new contest starts this Wednesday, April 13. The contest is a great way to show your MATLAB chops, and to learn new tricks and techniques. It’s a pretty unique social computing experience, and I recommend that everyone try it out at least once. I promised not to give anything a way, not even by pun, so don’t even ask; just check back in two days!
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