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MATLAB Mobile 1.2 Released 10

In this release, MATLAB Mobile figures come to life. No, we are not talking about using 3D glasses. MATLAB Mobile will make a live connection to the figures on your MATLAB desktop.
What does a live…

Introducing MATLAB Answers 12

This week I’d like to introduce guest poster Garth Mitchell from our product marketing team to tell you about our latest community product, MATLAB Answers.
We are excited to announce the recent…

MAT-File Comparisons 6

In MATLAB R2008a, we introduced the ability to compare MAT-files with the File and Folder Comparison Tool. In MATLAB R2010b, the team has added additional detail to the MAT-file comparisons. This… read more >>

Top 5 2011 Resolutions

In what’s become a yearly tradition, here are my New Year’s resolutions for this blog:

Get a new picture! Ken and I had fun getting the caricature done, but it’s three years later… read more >>