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MATLAB Mobile 3.2 is Now Available 32

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of MATLAB Mobile 3.2. This release, we have made several graphical improvements to our UI including, but not limited to:

  • Enhanced graphics and styling
  • Consistent iPhone and iPad UI
  • Rich command history
  • Hotlinks in error message suggestions

I’ll let the snapshots do the talking.

Larger, Sharper Keyboard Graphics


           MATLAB Mobile 3.1                                                                                     MATLAB Mobile 3.2     


Command-Result Distinction


           MATLAB Mobile 3.1                                                                                   MATLAB Mobile 3.2     


Enhanced Command History


           MATLAB Mobile 3.1                                                                                  MATLAB Mobile 3.2    


Download MATLAB Mobile 3.2 from the App Store and do let us know what you think.


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Jake replied on : 1 of 32

Great, but I don’t use iPhones. It’s hard to imagine that “Matlab Mobile” can’t run on Android. You should call it “Matlab iPhone.” Then I won’t have to click the link.

I guess I’ll just keep using addi.

Marc replied on : 2 of 32

You guys get that OVER HALF of all smartphones are Android, right? I agree the the Jake – you should just call it Matlab iPhone.

Clayton Chu replied on : 3 of 32

I’ve been begging for MATLAB for Android for going on a year now. We should quit begging, because at this point it’ll probably never happen. Mike mentioned that it was “in the works”, but who knows if that was just to placate us.

Pradeep Ramamoorthy replied on : 4 of 32

@Jake, Marc, Clayton,

Thanks for the feedback and the continued requests for Android support, we hear you loud and clear. An Android solution is indeed in the works – please stay tuned.

Clayton Chu replied on : 5 of 32

@Pradeep –

sorry, heard that about 6 months ago, and without comment as to what defines “in the works”. Does “in the works” actual development of an Android application or just “we’re thinking of it maybe”?

Ahmed replied on : 8 of 32

MATLAB should understand that most iPhone users only need apps for listening to music, sharing photos and videos. Its the Android users who do most of the professional work.

iphone user replied on : 9 of 32

@ Ahmed – how pretentious. Most professionals do NOT use Android.
And iPhone is a better experience all around… and has better apps by the way

Nachi replied on : 11 of 32

Is there a way to connect to a matlab session from another desktop, instead of iOS device?

iPhone User too replied on : 12 of 32

I LOVE my Matlab mobile app! so glad I have a real job where they provide iPhones for business use.

Uri replied on : 13 of 32

This is ridiculous, I’m guessing that the proportion of Android users among Matlab Users is greater than in the general population. And as people noted here, more than half of smartphones are running Android.

In my eyes, this is just another symptom of the general decline of the Mathwords. Python is gaining momentum as a viable alternative, and seems that on emerging platforms like clouds (expensive licencing) and mobile (iPhone app??!?) the Mathworks doesn’t stand much chance.

Laila replied on : 16 of 32

I hadn’t realised this app was so new! and I’m loving it so far :-)

I hope you don’t mind, but I was wondering if it would be possible to allow for 3D rotations for Matlab figures on the ipad? (it would just make things so much nicer and useful in meetings).


Pradeep Ramamoorthy replied on : 17 of 32


If you’re looking to connect to a MATLAB session on another machine, you might want to try MATLAB Automation, as illustrated here:

In case you’re looking at acquiring data from instruments etc. the TCPIP command from the Instrument Control Toolbox might be useful.


Thank you for your kind words and suggestion. We’re aware of the limitation in interacting with 3D figures and will look into the possibilities of addressing this in a future version.

Pradeep Ramamoorthy replied on : 19 of 32


To use MATLAB Mobile, you are required to have a MATLAB license that is currently under maintenance. If you are unsure about what your license number is, I’d recommend contacting your license administrator.

Pearl Wichaidit replied on : 20 of 32

just installed! It works well, but a bit slow. Is it because mine is iPad2? Have you compared the speed between iPad2 and the new iPad?

By the way, please don’t turn this blog into an iOS and Android fight.

Pradeep Ramamoorthy replied on : 21 of 32


Thanks for the feedback. Were there specific aspects of the app that felt slow?

Schlacter replied on : 23 of 32

@Pradeep and @MATHWORKS

Can you give some more details about this product [i am not able to try it] i.e. what part of Matlab is available and in what form.

1. Specifically, we have a bunch of code using various Matlab functions and add-on modules/libraries and are these toolbox libs available on iOS without compiling to C/C++?

2. If so,
a. what is the performance – i.e is Matlab optimized for iphone?
b. what is the licensing policy for apps using Matlab toolbox?

3. If not, then, if we build a shared library using Matlab compiler and link it to the iOS app, would that work, without the Matlab runtime?
Also, how does the licensing work in this case?


Schlacter replied on : 24 of 32

Oops, found some info on the product and seems like the app is simply a proxy for a session running remotely on the cloud or desktop.

So, can you answer part 3 of the question above. Thx. RS

Schlacter replied on : 25 of 32

Oops again, seems like the compiler doesn’t generate any libraries for ARM/iphone processor.

– so does the C code generator generate C code for the toolbox [not just our/user code] so it can be compiled using separate compiler for ARM ?

thx, RS

Pradeep Ramamoorthy replied on : 26 of 32


Although we don’t have guidelines, you might be able use MATLAB Coder to generate C code for your MATLAB projects. You would then have to integrate the generated C files with an iPhone/iPad project, most likely using Xcode.

On a side note, I’m interested in knowing more about your needs. What kind of application do you envision?

Thunder240 replied on : 27 of 32

I understand that Matlab Mobile doesn’t support the editor, but what about allowing users to send function m files that they can then call during a Matlab Mobile session? This would be the one feature that would allow me to really use Matlab Mobile for actual professional/academic analysis rather than just to play around.

RDO replied on : 28 of 32

A quick google search shows requests for an Android version of Mobile dating back to at least May 24, 2010. These requests have been answered with various iterations of ‘coming soon.’

I just bought an Android tablet and its a little disappointing to see that Matlab Mobile exists, but that I won’t be able to use it.

mPulse Engineer replied on : 29 of 32

RDO; another option for android is Octave. It’s free (although you can pay for the Pro version). The language is very similar, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to relearn anything. And it runs .m files, so if you have old projects you can make minor changes and load them.

I’m running it on my Asus Transformer, works great. Came here to see if Matlab was available, but I guess not, I’ll stick with Octave.

Alvaro replied on : 30 of 32

Are you guys getting the message that you need to get Matlab Mobile for Android? Android folks, Android!