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What’s new on File Exchange

As David Garrison explained in his earlier post on the Art of MATLAB blog, MATLAB Apps are a great way to extend your MATLAB functionality.  File Exchange now makes it easier to search and browse for MATLAB Apps created by the community.

You’ll see two new showcase areas on File Exchange, one for MATLAB Apps and another for MATLAB Examples:

Exploring Featured MATLAB Apps, I was interested to try S B’s All-purpose mortgage calculation tool.  Having myself once developed a mortgage analysis and underwriting tool for income-producing commercial real estate, S B’s MATLAB code seems to do a good job demonstrating the financial concepts as apply to the residential market.

Once you click “Apps” from File Exchange, you will be prompted with the Content Type “app” already filtered in your search box.  Browsing the Apps facet on File Exchange,

I discovered Ameya Deoras’ App, Graphical tool for exploring the Black-Scholes-Merton Option Pricing Model. This would have been great to have when I was studying the model in school, and I imagine it will be a good basis for extending the model further.
On a lighter note, you can also find Stellaria, “The best MATLAB shooting game ever”.  It’s a good example, by Mingjing Zhang, of the breadth with which MATLAB can be applied.  It’s great to have fun with MATLAB, and I especially enjoyed looking through the code.
There are also many useful MATLAB Examples on File Exchange.  I particularly liked the Customizable Heat Maps, also by Ameya Deoras.

It would be great to see what you’ve found valuable.  Have you used File Exchange on your path to solving challenging problems?


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