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MATLAB Mobile for Android 7

Posted by Pradeep Ramamoorthy,

It’s here! MATLAB Mobile is now available on the Android™ platform.

From your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now connect to a MATLAB session on the cloud or to MATLAB running on your desktop computer. For more information, visit the MATLAB Mobile page. For an overview, watch this video.

We would love to know how you are using MATLAB Mobile for Android. Leave us a comment here, with your thoughts and feedback.


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Arun replied on : 2 of 7

Super Application,,I am using it on my mobile,,I have low processor and memory,,even also it works super in Android mobile,,thanks to Mathworks,,I always dreamed about it,,and I got it,,24 Hours I will be having MATLAB With me,,

Yair Altman replied on : 3 of 7

Congrats on finally releasing a droid version. Too bad it’s only for 2.3.3+. Any chance of releasing a version for earlier droids? MLConnect and Matlab Commander both support earlier Android versions…

Chris replied on : 5 of 7

Very nice to see an Android app! Because it feels like the features of the app are still in the early beginnings, here a few, hopefully helpful suggestions:
-) make the command window shared between host computer and mobile device
-) when executing a statement, do not display “evaluate” until it’s done, rather include a screen refresh or something.
Background: I’m often running long calculations, with the est. time left in the command window. It would be great to see that last few lines also when I’m connecting remotely, and also be able to start calculations using my Android device, letting them run and check on them later on my computer.

Another few minor things:
-) autocomplete (like pressing Tab) would be great
-) if a command is entered, and misspelled or something, you have to copy+paste it, correct it, and press enter again – something like the arrow-up-key would also be nice.

Anyways, congratulations on the good start, I hope you developers have an ear for the community…

john replied on : 6 of 7

This is a great addition! It would be really useful to also be able to connect to the same cloud from either a web portal or Matlab itself to share data or .m files.

Perhaps a “cloud” directory could be added to the “Workspace” in Matlab?