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Visualizing Cody 2

Posted by Ned Gulley,

Because of the amount of traffic that it gets, Cody generates a tremendous amount of interesting data every day. Most of it gets silently stored, because we haven’t found good ways to reflect it directly in the application yet. I decided it was time to try out some Javascript visualization techniques on the data. This is the result: Cody Data Visualizer.

Go play around with it and tell me what you find. Shown above is one view: author ID vs. problem ID. It shows patterns of how problem authors contribute. The size of the dots is relative to the number of comments on the problem. That horizontal stripe across this middle at around author_id = 3000 is super contributor (and current Cody front runner) Richard Zapor, who has single-handedly contributed 122 problems!

This tool loads a relatively large (200 KB) data set when it starts up, so please be patient as it loads! Also, please note that this is an experimental tool that works with an archived static data set from February 8, 2013. It won’t reflect changes in Cody after that date.


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Ned Gulley replied on : 2 of 2

You’re probably just being modest not to point this out, but I will: The only thing remotely close to your “Is My Wife Right?” problem is your “Pizza” problem. That’s 68 Likes between two problems, making you far and away the most likable problem-poser in all four quadrants of the complex plane. After that, it’s still a long drop to the third most liked problem.

Only you and the prolific Richard Zapor have won the coveted “Famous” badge.

Well done, sir!